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Clínica Veterinaria Marbella - El EquipoDra. Rebeca  García Valderrama
Dr. Rebeca García Valderrama
Licence No. 1158 MA
Born in Marbella


From a very young age, when Rebeca was asked what she would be when she grew up, she always answered “a vet”. And she was right.

Born in Marbella, she was educated in her home town before moving to Córdoba to undertake her university degree. Here she was awarded her B.Sc. (Licenciatura) in Veterinary Science.


Graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Studies, University of Córdoba 2004.

Intern at Hospital Veterinario de la Universidad de Córdoba de grandes y pequeños animals, Unidad de Neonatología (University of Córdoba Veterinary Hospital for large and small animals, Newborn Unit) 2002 – 2003.


Courses completed at the University of Córdoba

•Practice Course and Essential Ophthalmology Veterinary Clinic 2009
• Emergency treatment for cats and dogs – November 2007
• “XIII Jornadas Internacionales” course in Veterinary Surgery (SECIVE) 2004
• Course in Orthopaedics for Small Animals 2003
• Course in Pathology for Birds and Reptiles 2000
• III Course in Sports Medicine 1999
• Course in Psychology and Psychopathology 1998
• III Andalucían Veterinary Congress, Seville 2007
• Course in AMVAC Cardiorespiratory Systems, Madrid 2007

Rebeca is a member of:

The S.P.A.P. (Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas del Campo de Gibraltar – Society for the Protection of Animals and Wild Plants of Gibraltar)

Marbella’s Triple A Society for the Protection of Animals

She is a volunteer for Veterinarios Sin Fronteras – Vets Without Borders

Rebeca García Valderrama has been working in different Veterinary Centres since 2004. Now she has established CENTRO VETERINARIO PUERTA DEL MAR here in the heart of Marbella.

The veterinarian in Marbella for your pet